Responding to sexual violence. A guide for universities

by Dr Nina Burrowes


I read this article 'My university wastes time and money on sexual assault training.' and I built this course* 

As a psychologist with the dubious title of being an 'expert on sexual violence' I spend most of my time training police investigators, barristers, judges and therapists. That's more than enough to keep me busy, but part of my activism is to ensure that any individual or organisation who'd like to be part of an effective response to sexual violence has access to informed and engaging training material. I hate the idea of anyone having to sit through bland, patronising, or ineffective content. This topic area is too important for that.

So, for the price of a textbook you can learn about some fascinating psychology that will help your university respond to sexual violence in a way that is informed, effective and doesn't drop human beings in the process (including you). Course content includes information on the common misconceptions about sexual violence, why people sexually harm others, how sexual violence may impact students (and staff), how to respond to disclosures, how to question students when a report of sexual assault is made and how to look after yourself in the process. And because you're dealing directly with an expert this is all from the horse's mouth**

This course promises that it won't make effective responses to sexual violence look simple or quick. Instead it's a course that's prepared to roll its sleeves up, ask the difficult questions, and recognise that this needs to be an on-going conversation because we all have much to learn. To help make that happen this annual subscription course includes discussion boards, webinars and regular themed conversations.  

You can enrol on this course as an individual or you can hassle your university to bulk-buy access for you and your colleagues. 


*Just to be clear, if you're a university that wants to waste time and money on sexual assault training this isn't the course for you but I'm sure you'll find plenty of other providers out there who'll be more than willing to help.

**There are no actual horses in this course

Dr Nina Burrowes
Dr Nina Burrowes

Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist who helps people understand the psychology of sexual violence and domestic abuse. Nina is the author of two books on sexual abuse as well as the report 'Responding to rape myths in court. A guide for prosecutors'. Nina trains police investigators, prosecutors and judges throughout the UK and internationally. 

Nina is the creator of the online video series 'Sexual abuse. The questions you've never had the chance to ask'; a co-founder of The Clear Lines Festival the UK's first festival on consent; and the founder of The Consent Collective a production company creating media and events on sexual violence, domestic abuse, relationships, sex and consent. 

You can find out more about Dr Burrowes at


Introduction to the course
Understanding common misconceptions about sexual violence