The psychology of sexual offences for investigators

Using psychology to build more effective investigations | by Dr Nina Burrowes

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For investigators who want to be able to conduct effective investigations into sexual offences. This course will help you use psychology to create suspect-focused investigations, identify the strengths in victim evidence, and address common misconceptions held by jurors. This course will be especially useful in cases that lack physical evidence and rely heavily on effective victim and suspect interviews.

This course is for police investigators only. To enrol on the course please email me at using your work email address so that I can verify you work for a police force. I will then send you a link so that you can enrol on the course. 

Please note this course is not offered free of charge. Subscription costs £35 per person per year.

Dr Nina Burrowes
Dr Nina Burrowes

Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist who helps people understand the psychology of sexual violence and domestic abuse. Nina is the author of two books on sexual abuse as well as the report 'Responding to rape myths in court. A guide for prosecutors'. Nina trains police investigators, prosecutors and judges throughout the UK and internationally. 

Nina is the creator of the online video series 'Sexual abuse. The questions you've never had the chance to ask'; a co-founder of The Clear Lines Festival the UK's first festival on consent; and the founder of The Consent Collective a production company creating media and events on sexual violence, domestic abuse, relationships, sex and consent. 

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